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Clibase Facebook Messenger Store

Omni-Channel eCommerce Solutions

Let your customers ORDER and PAY online via Facebook Messenger, Website Store, Point-of-Sale, with future integration with Shopify, Woocommerce, and Lazada, almost anywhere and anytime with centralized Order Management, Inventory System and Sales Reports!
  • Messenger Store
  • Website Store
  • Basic & Full-suite Online POS
  • Live Selling Miners
  • Food Marketplace
  • Services Marketplace
  • Retail Marketplace


POS solutions can lower the cost of doing business while increasing productivity, improving your bottom line. Upgrading from an ECR to a point of sale system will result in a fast return on investment (ROI), both in money and time spent on day-to-day operations
  • Multi-Industy (Retail, Food & Beverages, Services, Collections, etc.)
  • Multi-Payment Methods
  • Table Management
  • Split & Print Bill
  • Variants and Add-ons
  • Senior, PWD & Other Discounts
  • Food Inventory Management
  • Kithen Display System
  • Sales & Expense Management
  • Void and Return Management
  • Staff, Shift and Attendance Management
  • BIR Compliant (Reports, X-Reding, Z-Reading, etc.)
Clibase Online Point of Sale
Clibase Reservation Dashboard
Messenger Reservation

Booking and Reservations System

Give your customers an easy and hassle-free booking and reservation system without physical labor thats saves a huge amount of time. Let Clibase handle all the customer bookings, reservations and automated notifications, pair it with Calendar Schedule showing the dates with transaction activities.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Manual & Customer-Triggered Reservation
  • Calendar Plotting and Scheduling
  • Slot/Seat/Table Reservations
  • Sales and Count Forecasting
  • Reservation Status Tracking
  • Reservation Online Payments
  • Property or Services Management


7 Marketing Automated Tools

Spread a strong brand message among a large number of audiences automatically and efficiently using our 7 Marketing Tools. The more customers will know about the brand, the more likely the sales of your brand will increase.
  • Drip Promotions
  • Automatic Discounts
  • Discount Codes
  • Gift with Purchase
  • Kit & Bundles
  • Shipping Coupon Codes
  • Loyalty Points
Clibase Online Point of Sale

Clibase Marketing Tool

CRM & Proactive Engagements

Clibase has full record and monitoring of member’s database, activities, and transactions. Know your customer (KYC) capability to master and have a strong customer relationships and new sales through positive word-of-mouth recommendation.
  • Automated Customer Profiling
  • Dynamic Membership Level
  • QR Code Logging-In
  • Transaction History
  • Contact Tracing
  • Leads Management
  • Leads Journey Statuses
  • Sales/Staff Key Perfomance Data

Dashboard Analytics and Reports

Let CliBase do the basic accounting part for your business either its for Sales or Expense purposes. We provide comprehensive, complete, reliable, updated useful information and accurate calculations in a compact form downloadable to Excel.
  • Daily Sales
  • Monthly Sales
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Online Payments
  • Most Purchased Items
  • Claims and Bills Expense
  • Login Activities
  • Inventory Movement
  • Inventory Stock Costs
  • Inventory Restock
  • X-Reading & Z-Reading
Dashboard Analytics and Sales Reports