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Messenger Online Store
Sell Online from your own Facebook Page Messenger App.
Point of Sales (POS)
Upgrading from to Clibase POS system will result in a fast return on investment (ROI), both in money and time spent on day-to-day operations.
Website Store
Increase profit margins for your business, an ecommerce website is an effective way forward for you.


Marketing Tools & Discounts
Take advantage of our 5 Marketing Tools to attract and convert customers.
Retention Strategy
Let Clibase handle the automatic follow-up of your every customer that has pending items on their carts.
Automatic Feedback System
Tool for collecting customer feedback automatically – on Clibase platform you can listen to the customer’s voice and analyze it, making changes in the company based on it.
Campaign Tools
The most convenient and effective form of marketing outreach. A targeted Campaign Blasting can significantly increase awareness, compel people to take action, and get your customers to buy your announcements.


Order Management
Process, manage, and fulfill existing orders and draft new orders.
Manage how your customers can pay for your services, products or rentals and set up Clibase Payments.
Shipping & Delivery
Manage the delivery of products to your customers and set up Clibase Shipping Rates and Integrated Fulfillment Platforms.
Reservation Management
Manage your customers booking and reservations in one simple dashboard with forecasting feature to help you determine the manpower require.
Property Management
Add Project Locations, House or Room Models, and manage agents that will handle each properties.
Services Management
Manage Services according to the validities, sessions and durations.
Catalog Management
Add products, build collections, and manage your inventory.
Inventory & Stocks
Track inventory, encode End-of-Day counting for reconciliation and monitor movement per transactions.
Dynamic Forms
Create user centric, intuitive field layouts that display the right information at the right time.
Add customer profiles to your store and manage customer segments.
Track the cost of every business and staff activity and must submit expense documents for the repayment of out-of-pocket expenses.
Designed to manage the staff, access privileges, timekeeping attendance, schedules and shifts.


Sales Invoicing
Streamlines your entire invoicing process for products and services your customers or franchisees purchase.
Purchase Order
Track your orders from your suppliers, landed cost and items total cost..
Generate Reports that is vital for Franchisors and Multi-Branch to assure Purchase vs Supplies vs Sales is tallied accross Franchisees and Branches.

Reports & Analytics

View data and reports to gain insights on stock movement, oh-hand cost and re-stocks.
View data and reports to gain insights on sales, expenses, and net sales.
View data and reports to gain insights on bir required reports.

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